SHARON GORE - Coordinator


Sharon is a former Elementary School Counselor. She believes that making learning fun is essential. She homeschooled her own son for 8 years (who is now a pilot and sometimes even subs at Options). Sharon is married and loves to travel, hike, bike and genrally be outside and spend time with family.

TOBI BRADDOCK - Educational Assistant


Tobi is a Colorado native. She is happily married with 5 children. She is a teacher, an assistant, a coordinator at another Options site, and she is very talented as she owns and teaches at a Theater company. She has endless engergy and her enthusiasm is contagious and a valuable resource here at school.

CELESTE MCCARTNEY - Clerk/Office Assistant


Celeste loves being around people and loves seeing all the kids. She was an office assistant at Bellview Christian school for 26 years prior to coming to Options. She has two children, and four grandchild that she is crazy about. She loves to quilt and craft and spend tons of time with her family.

ALICIA BROSEGHINI - 1st grade teacher


Alicia graduated from CCU in Elem education. She has taught both Kindergarten and 1st grade. She loves to create lifelong learners by reaching a child's natural inquisitive spirit and making learning fun! Alicia enjoys being outside, reading and swing dancing!

KATLYN CHAMBERS - Kindergarten Teacher

Bio coming soon. :)

JANELLE FLANSCHA - Elementary teacher


Janelle is a 3rd generation Coloradoan. She and her husband Dan have four sons who were homeschooled and who now are an engineer, an army officer, a budding photographer and student in kinesiology. She is passionate about learning new things and loves to spark that interest in her students.



Stephanie loves to be creative and that is why she is such a great music teacher. She loves art, music and crafting. She also loves to read, go camping and sleep. She is happily married and has two beautiful children of her own that she homeschools.

ROY PROSSER - Elementary Teacher


Roy loves to spark creative learning in kids. He loves to teach using lots of hands on activities. Roy previously taught at Bellview Christian School. Roy is maried with two kids of his own. He loves to camp and hike when the weather is nice and also enjoys video games and movies when the weather is not so nice.

EMILY GRAJEDA - Cooking Teacher


Emily is happily married and has 2 children of her own. She loves having different cooking classes and gettig to know so many of the kids. She loves coming up with unique and fun recipes to cook at school.



Mr. D has lived in several different states, growing up in a Military family - even born in Germany. He is passionate and very talented in art and passes that along to our students. He has traveled the world and has learned so much and comes up with such unique and exciting art projects.



Kathleen loves the variety of classes she gets to teach and all the students she gets to know. Kathleen has a "fur baby" of her own - a dog that she loves. Even in her free time Kathleen still spends it musically playing drums, Irish pipes and tutoring on the side. She also enjoys Jui Jitsu. She has tons of energy and pours that into her teaching!

BECKI RODRIGUEZ - Spanish & Technology


Becki is married with two daughters that she homeschooled. She also lives with her nephew and two adorable cats. She loves spending time with her family and is also a little bit of a "nerd" as she loves to work with the computer in her free time.

JENNIFER OSGOOD - Variety of classes


She loves teaching unique classes in creative ways. She loves being in the sun - preferrably at the beach! She also loves reading, boating and spending time with her family. Jen homeschooled her own children and is passionate about coming along side homeschool families.

ANN HANSEN - Secondary Science


Ann is married, has two kids of her own. She loves that she can teach science in a fun way to small class sizes. In her free time she loves to learn more about science, sew, cook and garden. She loves to be outside and spend time with her family.

JOHANNA BROWN - Math Teacher


Johanna loves to motivate and teach students about math! She has five kids and two grandkids and one dog. She coaches track and crosscountry on the side and she also loves to read and bake and go on walks or hikes.