Welcome to Brighton Options!

This is a 1 day a week, FREE Homeschool enrichment program offered to the Brighton/Denver metro area with classes for all grades. We love to support Homeschool families in their new adventure!

Our Classes

Our classes at Brighton Options may vary from year to year. Our goal is to provide a variety of classes that are desirable and supplement or enrich the education of our students. As such, we encourage our families and students to participate in sharing feedback about their classes, or to make suggestions for classes that they feel would be fun, interesting, beneficial, or suitable for our students. 

Brighton Options offers Core classes such as Math, Language Arts, History, Social Studies, and Science, as well as Electives such as Art, P.E., Cooking, Sewing/Quilting, STEM, Music, Computer Skills, and many, many more! 

About our Program:

This unique program was designed to supplement, enrich, and strengthen the homeschooler’s educational experience. Though parents remain the primary instructor, this program provides a full day of classes, once a week, that offer a wide variety of subjects designed to assist and/or compliment each student’s learning experience.  - - - with it comes the benefits of camaraderie, friendship, and social interaction!

Additionally, we are supported through Aurora Public Schools, and families participating in this program may select from a large variety of curriculum, (which they check out), or they may use a curriculum of their own choosing.

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